Composting New Zealand are proud to offer an extensive range of products, catering to both our consumer customers and commercial clients.

  • For your added convenience, our compost based products and most popular mulches are packaged in 40 litre bags, and sold at both our Kapiti and Upper Hutt locations.
  • Courtesy trailers are available for customer use.
  • Our designated delivery trucks can deliver larger orders (variable rates apply).
  • Discounts for bulk purchases available.  Please contact us to enquire.

  • All prices stated are inclusive of GST.
  • To estimate the approximate volume of our products that you will need for your project click here to use our quantity calculator.


Lime Chip

15mm lime chip (ideal for patios or borders).

Pathway Lime

Pathway fine-screened lime (ideal for paths, driveways, petanque areas).

Top & Base Courses

Our top and base course products are essential for achieving solid base foundation for your paving or driveway projects. Our BASE COURSE provides a solid and stable granular fill, whilst our TOP COURSE is excellent for compacting, in preparation for asphalt or crushed rock.

Builders Mix

A pre-mixed stone aggregate with blended sand and fines. Ready for use - just add water and cement.

Builders Mix


$42.50 per 1/2 cubic metre (typical trailer load)

$85 per cubic metre

Pea Metal

A basalt road gravel consisting of small stones approx 4-7mm - use as an attractive, shallow layer on roads. Looks great on driveways, on top of top course, or as a decorative surface for pathways. Can also be used as a drainage aggregate.

Paving Sand

This product is an ideal base for laying paving brick or slabs.


A porous, lightweight material with high strength to weight ratio. We offer a choice of two grades (SAP7 and SAP 7/25), Scoria is commonly used under pipes and drain coil, with the Scoria 25/7 able to be used as a backfill for retaining walls.

Mortar Sand

A washed river sand from 0-4mm. Ideal for use in cement, plastering and brick laying applications. Great for filling kids sand pits and making sand castles.

Lime Rocks

Large lime rocks are available to purchase from our Kapiti branch. Lime rocks can be used for landscaping, with garden walls, for bank or shore lining or for erosion control.

Decorative Stone

Ideal for a low maintenance landscaping alternative. We have a great range of attractive options to suit all landscaping requirements.

Decorative Stone


We stock a range of decorative stones including:

Pebble 20mm / River Stone 20/40mm mix

Uruti Stone

Gabion Stone

White Chip

White Glacier

Driveway Chip


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Growing Mediums

Organic Compost

Our flagship product, available in both standard and fine-screened premium. Composting is a natural, sustainable, organic matter that has the unique ability to improve the characteristics and nutrient value of soil. Unlike some inferior alternative products, our compost contains no added fillers such as sawdust, bark, paunch or animal manures.

Lawn Mix

Our finely screened compost, designed for seeding of new lawns or top dressing and maintenance of existing turf.

Garden Mix

Our certified organic garden mix is a specific blend we have created as a soil application for lawns and gardens. This mix is one of our most popular products and has been used in gardens and lawns all over the Lower North Island. Garden mix resists compaction in fine textured (clay) soils and increases water holding capacity in sandy soils.

Value Mix

Our affordable ValueMix is a blended mix of sandy loam and compost, designed as a base for new gardens and raised beds only. (This mix is a 50/50 composite of compost and sandy loam so will not be weed free).


A sand based / loam topsoil.

Potting Mix

Specifically designed to ensure optimal growth; suitable for both seedlings and mature plants.



We stock a selection of pine, gum and macrocarpa firewood (exact stock varies depending on season).

Dry Kindling

Dry, pre-cut thin pieces of soft pine kindling: ideal for building a roaring fire. Great value for money.



Wood chip for use as stable or pen flooring cover.

Play-Safe Playground Chip

Composting NZ's 'Play-Safe' playground chip is the Ideal playground surface for your peace of mind. Safe (calculated critical fall height exceeds 3.2 metres), attractive and long lasting, this product is available to purchase by the cubic metre. Delivery charges vary, dependant on location.

Play-Safe Playground Chip


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We have three grades of bark available:- 25mm (great for beds & borders), as well as 50mm and 60mm grades (decorational)

Wood Mulch

Our wood mulches are great value, long-lasting solutions for suppressing weed growth. Available in light and dark options, wood mulch is an attractive and practical mulching solution for any garden.

Pea Straw

Pea straw is a great selection to use as an easy-to-lay lightweight mulch. Sold in manageable golden bales, pea straw is a great choice to allow for air circulation around plant bases.Only available from our Otaihanga branch.

Pea Straw


$25.00 per bale

Arborist Chip

A 'forest floor' type mulch, arborist chip provides excellent weed control in ornamental landscapes.

Twig Mulch

Excellent for use in large areas, embankments and native gardens. High in nutrients, excellent moisture retention and weed suppression. May contain stone and small pieces of plastic.

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