Arborist Chip

This ‘forest floor’ type mulch is one of the best options for use around trees and shrubs.

arborist chipArborist chip has superior moisture retention, temperature moderation and weed control properties.  Left to decompose naturally, the nutrients contained within are slowly released.

Used with contrasting landscape textures such as stone, rocks and greenery, arborist chip can be an an integral part of a beautiful, yet low maintenance garden setting.

For sandy soils, add a nutrient-rich compost layer prior to covering with arborist chip, to maximise water retention.

  • Low Maintenance

  • Weed Control

  • Moisture Retention

  • Ideal mulch to use around trees & shrubs

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$35per 1/2 cubic metre (typical trailer load*)
$60per cubic metre

$40per 1/2 cubic metre (typical trailer load*)
$70per cubic metre