Scoria (SAP 7 & SAP 25/7)

At Composting New Zealand, we stock two scoria products to meet your project’s needs:

A porous, lightweight material with high strength to weight ratio, scoria is commonly used under pipes * and drain coil, with the Scoria 25/7 able to be used as a backfill for retaining walls.

Other uses include levelling under paving stones and concrete.

Landscapers sometimes choose to mix this product with our garden mix due to the fantastic drainage properties of scoria.

*Please note the SAP 7 should not be put against pipes with holes in as the finer pieces may block the holes.  products are manufactured for backfills, soakage trenches and general drainage applications.

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$45per 1/2 cubic metre (typical trailer load)
$85per cubic metre

Sorry, this product is not currently available at our Hutt Valley site.